Directors UK is led by an elected Management Board, themselves directors with experience across a wide range of genres. The current Directors UK Board was elected at the AGM in June 2015. Made up of some of the leading directors in the country the Board meets regularly to discuss the current issues that are facing members.

Each Board member is listed below.

  • Beryl Richards
  • Susanna White
  • Piers Haggard
  • Delyth Thomas
  • Coky Giedroyc
  • Tom Roberts
  • Menhaj Huda
  • Cath Le Couteur
  • Paul Unwin
  • Rebecca Manley
  • Bill Anderson
  • Dan Zeff
  • Chair of the TV Factual Committee – Nic Guttridge
  • Chair of the Film Committee – Iain Softley
  • Chair of the Entertainment/Multicamera Committee – Steve Smith
  • Nations & Regions Representative for Scotland – Amanda McGlynn
  • Nations & Regions Representative for Wales – Philippa Collie Cousins
  • Nations & Regions Representative for South-West England – Otto Bathurst
  • Nations & Regions Representative for North-West England – Illy Hill