TV Factual Committee

TV Factual Committee

The TV Factual Committee is comprised of the following members:

Paul Elston (Chair), Anna Davies, Anna Sadowy, Barnaby Peel, Brian Hill, Dan Clifton, John Conroy, Krishna Govender, Lara Akeju, Mandy Chang, Nic Guttridge, Nicola Key, Olly Lambert, Paul Copeland, Philip Clothier, Richard Max, Shelley Lawrence, Simon Berthon, Thomas Viner, Uli Hesse

About the Committee:

The Television Factual Committee is responsible inter alia for:

  • campaigning for the interests of Television Factual, Entertainment, Sports and Reality directors; and
  • devising policies for Directors UK to advocate and pursue relating to factual television and the interests of factual TV directors in the UK and submitting these to the Board for approval.; and
  • monitoring agreements with broadcasters and independent production companies.

The Television Factual Committee will meet at least four times a year.

The Chair or Vice Chairs of the Television Factual Committee will submit a written account of the Committee’s activities and of the Committee’s proposals for discussion and approval at the next Board meeting.

The Television Factual Committee will  hold  occasional meeting that are open to the wider membership of Directors UK to ensure broadly-based discussion on  a range of issues.