TV Fiction Committee

TV Fiction Committee

The TV Fiction Committee is comprised of the following members:

Robin Sheppard (Chair), Charles Palmer, Cilla Ware, Clive Arnold, Coky Giedroyc, David Tucker, Henry Foster, Ian Barnes, James Hawes, James Strong, Jill Robertson, Jim Loach, Mat King, Metin Huseyin, Mike Adams, Paul Unwin, Rick Platt, Sarah Harding, Sarah O'Gorman, Simon Curtis, Simon Delaney, Stuart Orme, Tim Leandro


The TV Fiction Committee is the forum within DUK for all directors working in TV fiction. Over the last year we have been actively involved in both developing the Creative Rights document with the BBC and the negotiations around the 2011 Rights Deal. We have also focussed on areas of specific concern for directors working in Fiction. These include pay, working conditions and opportunities. Alongside this active agenda we are attempting to develop a network that will support, protect and endorse all members working in the sector.

TV drama is changing constantly and we believe the position of the director has, until recently, been severely eroded. This is bad for our members but is also short-sighted for TV generally. All directors are problem solvers and for them to be marginalised at a time of changes and reduced resources is at the heart of the Committee's broader message.

Our objectives for the next year are:

  1. To ensure and monitor the uptake of the Creative Rights agreement and see that it becomes an industry standard.
  2. Constantly work to improve the status of directors working in Fiction. This ranges from their work being properly recompensed to it being seen as fundamental to the success of any production.
  3. Build a system that will protect directors from bad practice without putting them and their careers in the firing line.

Paul Unwin