Distribution Committee

Distribution Committee

The Distribution Committee is comprised of the following members:

Delyth Thomas (Chair), David Tucker (Vice-Chair), Mark Stokes (Vice-Chair), Barney Reisz, Dan Reed, Darcia Martin, Dominic Brigstocke, James Midgley, Mark Radice, Paul Wilmshurst, Peter Nicholson, Russell Barnes, Tony Collingwood, Steve Smith, Tim Arber (Independent Member), 


The Distribution Committee was established in 2001 under the former DPRS, to oversee the management and administration of payments due to directors for the secondary exploitation of their works. The current 15 strong committee consists of 12 director members across all disciplines, 2 non-director members representing estates and an independent non-director member working together with DUK’s CEO Andrew Chowns and Head of Distribution Sim Cammarota.

The Committee currently oversees the administration of payments from four main sources:

  • payments due under agreements with foreign collecting societies
  • payments due under the ongoing UK Rights Agreement from 2001
  • payments for the educational recording of a work (through ERA)
  • payments due under an agreement with the BBC for the administration of the old residual payment system

One of the main tasks of the Committee is to oversee the management of a distribution scheme for monies due to UK directors from payments made by major UK Broadcasters under the UK Rights Agreement, which is now in its third term. The first two terms were 5 years, (2001/2005 & 2006/2011), whilst the current agreement is for £20.5 million over a three year term (2014) enabling a sooner re-negotiation in the rapidly evolving landscape of TV and new media rights.

The key principle of the distribution scheme is to reward the commercial success of a director’s work in secondary markets. As new markets, new rights and new means of exploiting works are changing and evolving each year, the scheme is designed to be consistently under review. It is the task of the DC to consider and with Board approval, apply modifications to the scheme in order to maintain the “best fit” of that fundamental principle of commercial success. In 2012 the committee conducted a major review of the scheme to ensure that it reflects the value of works and their place in an ever-growing range of schedules and platforms, and is about to undertake a review of the current credit hierarchy.

Further details on the role of the Committee and our Rules of Distribution can be found in the Distribution section of the Directors UK website.

Delyth Thomas