AGM Report 2011

President Paul Greengrass and Chair Charles Sturridge both gave their full support to the new Directors UK Membership Scheme at last night’s AGM 1st November, and urged members to sign up to it. Members gave their backing to the new Directors UK Membership Scheme, which was revealed in greater detail by CEO Andrew Chowns.

The new Directors UK Membership Scheme will go live on 28th November, and the services members can expect were unveiled last night. There will be:

A new website, which will allow members to create public profiles, interact with each other through messaging, make themselves known and available to potential employers and much more besides;

  • Legal Service, overseen by our new Head of Legal Affairs Charlotte Brotherton. Members can access our contracting vetting service, guidance notes on subjects such as holiday pay, and support during contract negotiations;
  • An improved, expanded and more varied events calendar, run by our dedicated Events and Services Officer Stuart Wealands. There will be networking events, screenings, workshops, advice and a new mentorship scheme, plus more;
  • Campaigning, meaning we’ll speak to government, stakeholders, broadcasters and producers to ensure your rights are properly represented and your voice is heard.

All this and more will be available to members who sign up to the new Directors UK Membership Scheme, at a price of £120 + VAT per year, or £60 + VAT for those who aren’t eligible for the Collection Scheme or are students.

Paul and Charles spoke of the advancements D-UK has made in the last year, particularly with the vastly improved UK Rights Deal and the soon-to-be-unveiled Creative Rights Deal, but warned there was still much to do. If we are to achieve all our ambitions on behalf of directors, we need members to sign up to the new scheme.

Film Committee Chair Iain Softley spoke of our submission to the Film Policy Review, in which we pressed for greater and more stable funding, more access to elite level training. We will continue to push for greater inclusion of directors in industry discussions, but we need directors to get more involved in order to achieve these targets.

Outgoing TV Fiction Committee Chair Paul Unwin announced that we’re talking to broadcasters more than ever, particularly the BBC; our voice is being listened to. We’re fighting to undo the erosion of directors’ pay, and remedy the undermining and unfair working conditions that some members are expected to work in.

Factual Committee Chair Paul Elston mentioned the work being done to create code for self-shooting directors to ensure safety and good practice; “it’s a long process, but we’ve made a great start”.

Charles announced our intention to create a TV Comedy and Entertainment Committee, for those directors working in these genres. However, it needs a Chair, so he encouraged members to step forward.

In Distribution, Chair Peter Nicholson, who is to depart the role after four years at the helm, gave a positive account of the money going out to members. We’ve distributed a similar amount in 2011 to the previous year, but this will improve greatly once the new UK Rights Deal takes effect in 2012.

The Board elections were saved until last; the new Board is as follows:

  • Charles Sturridge
  • Piers Haggard
  • Paul Unwin
  • Beryl Richards
  • Dan Clifton
  • John Goldschmidt
  • Anna Davies
  • James Hawes
  • Coky Giedroyc
  • Tom Roberts
  • Delyth Thomas
  • Dan Reed
  • Paul Elston
  • Iain Softley