Directors' Cut

This is where you will find the premium content created exclusively for subscription-based members.

We’ll provide you with:

  • Audio and video interviews with directors from all genres and backgrounds, from the most experienced to those making waves at the start of their careers
  • Tutorials and tips, giving you the lowdown on directors’ secrets, camera techniques, editing tips and more besides.
  • Tech and app reviews, where you’ll find the thoughts of your peers on that latest camera everyone’s talking about. You can even add your own...
  • Live Q&As, where you can interact in real time with your fellow directors, and find out how that shot was achieved as you’re watching it on screen.
  • In-depth updates on the policies and campaigns that affect you as a director from the CEO. There will be the opportunity for you to provide feedback, meaning you can shape our future policies.
  • Benefits and offers, the place where you’ll find all the best discounts, reductions and exclusively freebies.

There are plenty of other great services located across the site, and much of it available to members of the new Directors UK Membership Scheme only.