Have We Got Money For You?

Are we holding any money for you? Please check both of the below lists, as your name could be on either!

Do you think you may be due a payment under the UK distribution scheme?  If you are not yet a member but would like to find out if money has been allocated to you please click here for a list of directors (or the beneficiaries of their Estate) or contact the Directors UK office on membership@directors.uk.com.


Directors UK is currently holding money for the following directors (or the beneficiaries of their Estate) and we are trying to trace them.  Click here for a list of directors.

If you have any information which might help us to contact them please contact Rosie Stevens on membership@directors.uk.com.



I very much doubt it, but as I made so many shows for ABCTV and Thames on contracts that included a residual payment clause ( before the days of 'buy-out). I would love to know if there is any outstanding payments. I receive the odd one from Freemantle but these are usually for UK current TV repeats. Thank you. Royston.

Hi Marguerite, If you would like to know if we are holding money for you, please email distributions@directors.uk.com, and they will be able to help. Directors UK

Hello, Are you holding any money for me? Thank you Marguerite Smits van Oyen