How we Trace Directors

How we try to unite directors with their payments

There are a number of ways we take to trace directors for whom we’re holding payments:

  • We correspond with agents, checking their client list alongside our own list of non-members with payments outstanding.
  • We contact production companies and D-UK members who have worked alongside any names on the list.
  • We contact non-members directly through their own websites or production companies.
  • Our relations with other international directors’ organisations and collecting societies have been invaluable in allowing us to get in touch with directors who live further afield.
  • Directors UK is subscribed to certain film network websites, giving us further access to directors’ contact details and agent information.
  • We supply the Trying to Trace list to our members, production companies and members of the PMA, and also publically display it on our website. We publish the list as soon as it is available to us (i.e. shortly after a recent distribution), so as to make sure that it has the maximum effect. Please note that directors’ names will remain on the list until their registration pack has been returned to us.