Making the Grade: Colour Grading & Finishing. A 3-Part Series with Kevin Shaw

25 April 2012

Over the past decade Colour Grading has evolved from a very linear telecine process to the very flexible non-linear DI workflows of today. A skilled colourist will maintain continuity by matching shots, and also enhance the work of the cinematographer. But colourists also manipulate perception to stimulate emotions, focus attention and improve understanding of a project. Colour Grading can add fantastic production value.

In these three workshops, which can be taken singly or in sequence, Kevin Shaw introduces and explains the techniques and technologies of grading.

The Introduction and Two Case Studies workshops are valuable for producers and directors as well as cinematographers, editors, DITs, VFX artists and Colourists. The workshop on Display Calibration and Emulation is more specialist.

Introduction to Colour Grading

Wednesday 25th April | £150, 10% discount available

A valuable insight for anyone who has ever thought about grading, but not had the opportunity to explore its potential. Details here

Advanced Colour Grading & Finishing: Two Case Studies

Thursday 26th April | £150, 10% discount available

Ideal for anyone who has or will have a project to grade, as well as a guide for anyone planning or supervising a colour grade session. Details here;.

Further Colour Grading: Display Calibration and Emulation

Friday 27th April | £200, 10% discount available

Colour management class covering basic colour science and colour spaces, followed by a practical workflow for setting up, and calibrating displays. Ideal for anyone who uses a display for critical viewing decisions, including DITs, Colourists, Editors and VFX artists. Details here.

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