Nigel Cole's week

19 February 2012

I've been asked to do a daily blog about my week, its not the sort of thing I'd normally do, I'm far too diffident and lazy, but it's a lonely job being a director, (there's only ever one director on a film) and it might feel good to share it all with some fellow helmers for once.

It's Sunday night I'm feeling guilty because I should be at the Glasgow film festival for a screening of the film I shot in 2010 All in Good Time. The young stars Amara Karan and Reece Ritchie will be there and they are what's important, sexy and talented. I've bunked off because I am in the final week of editing the film I shot last year. The Wedding Video, before a vital test screening on Monday 27th. It's crunch time and I still haven't got it right yet.

Although critics will point to the same old mix of comedy and drama that all my films have had, the two films couldn't be more different as projects.

All In Good Time is based on a play Rafta Rafta which had been a success for writer Ayub Khan Din at the National Theatre. It was fully funded by Optimum and produced by Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie. Big financier, big production company, a fully realised script and some key cast reprising their roles in the play.

The wedding Video is an low budget comedy that I, producer James Gay Reece and writer Tim Firth have put together ourselves. Shot for under two million often with a crew of fifteen or less, it was rewritten as we went along often as the result of meetings with the particular actor we had cast. Its the first film I've done (it's my seventh film) that I own a significant chunk of.

If it works I'll never make a film another way. 

More tomorrow from the cutting room.