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Membership FAQs

How do I join?

Visit our membership page to provide your contact details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly at or by calling 0207 240 0009.

What type of membership am I eligible for?

In order to become a member you must have a director credit on a publicly screened audio-visual work. There are two levels of membership – Full and Associate. Your membership level will depend on your directing credits. If you are unsure which level applies to you, please get in touch at

Full Membership: For those with a director credit on a TV programme broadcast in the UK, or a commercially exploited feature film.

Associate Membership: For those with other audio-visual credits including shorts, commercials, music videos and video games. This is offered at a reduced price for the first three years of membership, after which we will ask you to verify your continued work as a director.

What is the difference between Full and Associate membership?

Full membership includes all member benefits, as well as registration on our Distribution Scheme, which allows us to issue any payments that we may collect for secondary usage of your work. Visit the Distribution section of the site for more details about which works are eligible for payments under our Distribution Scheme.

We are also able to offer more extensive legal advice to Full members.

Associate membership is aimed at those not yet benefitting from our Distribution Scheme, but includes access to our other benefits such as events, contract vetting and use of our member spaces. Occasionally events may be limited to Full members only if they require a certain level of experience.

How much does it cost?

Full membership costs £156 per year — (please see the question below: Do I have to pay annually to continue receiving payments for my works?).

Associate membership is offered at a discounted rate of £78 per year for the first three years of membership. After three years you will be required to verify your continued work as a director, and then Associate membership continues at a standard rate of £156 per year.

We offer a discounted rate of £78 per year for directors aged 65 and over.

Memberships are renewed annually in either March or September, depending what time of year you joined. Your first fee is calculated pro-rata, and may be slightly lower to reflect the number of months’ membership until your renewal date.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Membership fees are set up by direct debit; however, we can accept payment by bank transfer for members who are not resident in the UK, or who do not wish to renew their subscription after the first year. We do not accept card payments.

Can I pay monthly?

No. The membership fee is paid in one sum when you join.

Can the fee be deducted from payments collected for my works?

No. We keep the two payment systems separate. The membership fee is paid when you join, and any payments due to your works are then issued in our regular distributions.

When will I receive payments collected for my works?

Payments are issued in our regular distributions held four times per year – you can view the Distributions timetable here.

For new members we hold additional distributions whenever possible, so you are not waiting too long for your outstanding payments. These are held roughly every two months.

Do I have to be a member in order to receive payments for my works?

Yes. The payments we collect are based on agreements we have negotiated with the broadcasters and other societies, and these agreements are made on behalf of our members only.

Do I have to pay annually to continue receiving payments for my works?

No. You must join as a Full member initially in order to be registered on our Distribution Scheme, since the fee covers our administration. However, after your first year of Full membership you can choose to either continue your annual subscription to maintain full access to all benefits, or cancel your annual subscription.

If you cancel your annual subscription, you will be changed to a Distribution-only membership. This means that we will continue to issue any payments we collect for your works, but you wouldn’t have access to any other benefits. There is no annual fee for Distribution-only membership.

I am already a member – how do I upgrade my membership?

If you are currently a Distribution-only member, you can upgrade to Full membership for the annual subscription of £156. Please visit our membership page, or contact

If you are currently an Associate member, we will need to confirm whether you are eligible to upgrade to Full membership. Please contact

How can I cancel my membership?

Please contact us at or 0207 240 0009.

How do I renew my subscription?

If you have a direct debit set up then your subscription will be renewed automatically. You will receive a notification by email from GoCardless, our direct debit processor, three working days before the subscription payment is taken. You do not need to take any action. If you have questions about your direct debit renewal please contact

For members outside the UK paying by bank transfer we will contact you directly to inform you when your membership is approaching the renewal date, and provide details of how to set up payment.

How can I update my account details?

Login to your website account, click on the member menu and select "view profile", here you can view/edit your address, payment and other details.

What if I am already registered with another society?

If you are registered with a collecting society that represents directors in another country, please let us know at and we will be able to help depending on your individual circumstances.

How do I register as the representative of an estate?

In order to register an estate we require copies of the Grant of Probate (or equivalent) and Will. We will then ask the relevant beneficiary to register with us on behalf of the estate.

If the deceased director was a member of Directors UK, then there is no registration fee. If they were not a member, there is a one-off registration fee of £78.

What types of payment does Directors UK distribute?

Under the UK Distribution Scheme we allocate payments for UK and international sales, repeat transmissions and DVD sales of programmes commissioned by the UK broadcasters. 

Under the Foreign Distribution Scheme we collect payments for private copying and cable/satellite retransmissions in the rest of Europe. The payments are collected from our sister society within each country, and each society’s distribution will vary depending on the rules and agreements they have in place.

Am I eligible to receive payment for my programmes or films?

Only Directors UK members are eligible for payments from our distribution schemes. However, if you are a member of a directors’ society in another country, please let us know.

Productions that meet all the following criteria are eligible under our UK Distribution Scheme:

  • Programmes commissioned by a signatory broadcaster to the UK Rights Deal (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, S4C and BSkyB)
  • Programmes produced after 1st July 2001
  • Programmes not made under a staff contract issued by a UK Broadcaster

Directors of an eligible programme would qualify for payment if they are credited as a principal director according to our hierarchy. Feature Films are not covered under the UK scheme. 

Under the Foreign Distribution Scheme the restrictions mentioned above do not apply, however eligibility of works is determined by the individual distribution schemes of the foreign society reporting to us.

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